Storm Damage Restoration

Hail, high speed winds, and heavy rain are all the things we’re familiar with living in the midwest. These forces of nature are incredibly destructive and cause millions of dollars in damages to homes and businesses every year. RTI’s storm restoration services are here to help keep your property secure and comfortable.

Storm Damage Restoration Service Technician

Lightning fast storm damage response

In the immediate aftermath of any storm damages, RTI will step in and begin working with your insurance company. We know the ropes. Our team of trained experts know exactly what your insurance company needs to approve repairs and get work completed ASAP.

Wind, Rain or Winter's Cold

We’re here for you 365 days a year no matter the weather. Based in Kansas, we know that storms can happen at any time – and they do! When we’re called in to repair storm damage, we take care of everything from roofing, flashing, siding and gutters to windows.

Storm Damage Fallen Tree Branch

Free Storm Damage Inspections

Fallen tree branches or roof shingles in your yard are clear signs of storm damage. However there are often unseen effects that, left unresolved, could open your home or business up to hundreds, even thousands of dollars of damage in the future.

At RTI our storm damage experts have been trained to look for unseen problem areas caused by strong winds, heavy rain, and hail.

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Inspection Request

RTI provides commercial and residential storm damage restoration services. Contact RTI now to request your inspection.