Historic Restoration

Since 1964, we’ve built a  reputation for historic restoration excellence that all starts with the Kansas State Capitol Building. When asked to replace the building’s copper roof over 50 years ago, George Page began a family tradition of historic restoration that has spanned three generations.

Experience is our best restoration tool

RTI’s historic restoration team understands the nuances of protecting a structure’s historic significance while integrating modern technology into an antiquated facility, or meticulously restoring a building’s fragile façade. Careful planning, coordination, and special attention to detail are all part of bringing historic buildings back to their original majesty.

Our highly skilled craftsmen are capable of repairing and future-proofing historic buildings without anyone knowing we were ever there.

Choosing the right

Historic restoration contractor

There are hundreds of contractors out there who do exceptional work however, most contractors are not equipped to work on historic buildings. That is, most contractors have little or no knowledge of older building materials, design elements, colors, and overall aesthetic continuity.

Historic Restoration Contractor Shaking Hands Over Architectural Plans

RTI’s Historic Restoration division won’t lift a hammer until we know everything we can about the building’s original construction and any improvements or additions that have been made since. Only then will we craft a detailed plan for making the requested renovations or repairs.

Historic Restoration Projects

While we’d love to share our entire portfolio with you, we’ve chosen a handful of projects we’re particularly proud of:

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