Commercial Roofing

Over 2/3 of roofs fail prematurely due to poor installation, design or product selection. Poor installation alone causes almost 50% of premature failures. RTI will make sure your roof isn’t one of them.

Before our crew arrives, an RTI site inspector will put together a detailed plan including layout, materials, and project timeline. With over 5,000 completed projects totaling over 2,000,000 square feet of installations, we bring a wide range of experience and knowledge to every job.

Commercial Roof Design

Choosing the right materials is the very first step in completing any roofing project – especially in commercial roofing. RTI takes special care to choose and work with only quality materials that are proven to withstand the environmental conditions they’ll be exposed to.

RTI has had the opportunity to design commercial roofing systems for buildings of all shapes and sizes – historic and modern.

Commercial Roofing Design

Commercial Reroofing

In extreme cases where restoration is not an option, a full commercial roof replacement may be necessary to keep your building watertight, protected from the elements, and safe for customers and employees. If regular repairs and maintenance don’t seem to be working, a complete reroof is the best option for getting your roof back to excellent condition and being easy to manage.

At RTI, we provide custom commercial roof replacement options tailored to the unique needs of your business. We’ll do our best to minimize disruption to your regular business operations while keeping our focus on safety and providing you with unparalleled workmanship and a long-lasting roof.

Commercial Reroofing

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Our experienced and qualified crews provide full commercial roof replacement and reroofing options on all major roofing systems for your commercial or industrial facility.

Commercial Roof Maintenance

Identifying issues before they become problems.

Over time, even the best roofs will deteriorate from exposure to heat, cold, wind and rain. RTI offers a comprehensive maintenance program that protects your building from common problems that stem from age, neglect and oversight.

RTI inspectors are trained to identify potential problems before they become problematic. Our efforts to maintain and repair small problems have saved building owners and insurance providers millions in potential claims.

Consistent maintenance of your roof can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars over the life of a roof. Some of the primary benefits of RTI’s roof maintenance program are:

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