Catastrophe Recovery

There are few things more devastating than a catastrophic destruction. Even more costly is the aftermath – the sheer loss of time and money while you rebuild. The good news is that RTI is here to help.

4 Stages of
Catastrophe Recovery

When catastrophe strikes RTI will be on the scene quickly, tools in hand and ready to work. Our catastrophe recovery experts will work directly with your insurance provider for fast and smooth resolution. No one will work harder to represent your interests and get your business back on its feet. In most cases, catastrophe recovery involves four stages:

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1) Personal Support

By the time RTI arrives, most have already begun the process of personal recovery with the help of family, friends, neighbors, and first responders. Our number one goal is to maximize these efforts by relieving stress and getting involved with support agencies such as FEMA, the Red Cross, or clergy. Providing support in the aftermath of a catastrophe is an integral part of the personal recovery process.

2) Emergency Mitigation

RTI will secure the property and begin emergency procedures to minimize financial loss for both the owner and the insurance carrier. Emergency mitigation can involve packing and moving contents of the property, boarding up windows, temporary roof coverings, drying the structure, removal of debris, and decontamination. As both a roofing and a restoration company, RTI is uniquely qualified to respond quickly to disaster and minimize loss.

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3) Claim Negotiation

The third phase in the recovery process is claim negotiation. We represent our clients aggressively and fairly using honest scales to determine restoration costs. Our highly skilled experts will perform a thorough investigation using the same tools as major insurance adjusters. This allows us to quickly produce accurate line item costs that will help maximize your settlement for repairs. RTI’s methods also save you the time of collecting multiple bids, comparing them, submitting them for review – ultimately costing you more time, doing further damage to your property.

4) Rebuild & Restore

Over the past 50 years, RTI has built a reputation as one of leaders in restoration reconstruction. Our craftsmen have matched the architecture and design of historic buildings and modern structures alike. We have even been known to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a property even while remaining inside the parameters of your insurance settlement.

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Bottom Line

We're Here For You

In the aftermath of a natural disaster or catastrophe, we’ll work directly with your insurance provider so you can focus on rebuilding your life.

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