Fire & Flood Restoration

Recovering From Fire Damage
When your building is damaged by fire, it is usually also flooded with water by firefighting crews. Often holes are cut through walls and ceilings to allow access to various areas. The damage often varies widely in nature and much of the damage can be hidden from view. To restore your building after a fire, you need the services of an expert in fire restoration.

Your rights after a catastrophe
After a catastrophic event to an insured building, you may be overwhelmed with the broad and complicated work that will be required to restore your building and contents. Under most insurance policies, you have the right to hire a single full-service general contractor to handle every facet of your rehabilitation project. RTI has the experience and resources to help you at this crucial time.

Finding hidden structural damage
Hidden damage inside of walls and ceilings is extremely important to locate and ensuring the structural integrity is the first step in fire restoration. Damage to a single structural point can cause a building to be unstable and can create a deadly hazard as walls and ceilings can fall in. We carefully check all structural components, consulting with engineers to ensure the safety and security of the building. It is often required that we stabilize and secure the building. We then can move on to fixing holes and openings in the exterior of the building to protect the interior and your contents.

Full service restoration
We have the expertise and equipment to restore your building after all types of damage, including fire, wind, smoke, water, mold, and mildew. Our experts can fix any size of damage ranging from a small smoke fumigation to a complete rebuild. Not sure if you want it exactly as it was before? Utilize our designers to recreate your space exactly like you like. Through your entire restoration project, we will be “Help You Can Trust.”