Storm Restoration

When Catastrophe strikes, RTI is there to assist you. We will provide you support through every stage of the recovery. Typically, storm damages can compromise the external shell of your home or building, allowing water and debris to continue to penetrate and cause additional damage.

We begin with emergency structural and exterior repairs
To begin the recovery process we begin by securing the structure to ensure safety to the occupants. In many cases, the structure of the building is damaged making the structure unsafe for occupants. Using our extensive knowledge in structural construction, we can secure the building or inform you if the building needs to be evacuated. We then begin to secure the exterior "shell" of the building to keep further water and debris from entering.

We then remove water and clean debris
Minimizing the damage to your building and your property is of critical importance to us. We can often begin removing water immediately following a storm, drying and recovering important items, and preventing the growth of mold and mildew. Often within hours of a storm we are able to remove the standing water and provide extensive humidity treatment solutions, thus preventing thousands of dollars in further damage. If your building is a business, we can get your office back to functionality quickly. By removing debris, cleaning, and lowering the humidity we can help you minimize the down time so that you're not losing business. With our extensive experience and best in class equipment, we can get you back to business in record time.

Let us help you rebuild
RTI is a full service general contractor. No matter the size of the project, we can completely rebuild to your specifications. In an insurance covered loss, you have the right to hire one general contractor who can help you from the start of the damage mitigation and continue with you all the way through the rebuild. Let RTI remove some of the stress involved in the recovery of your building by providing you with a single provider for all of your storm restoration needs.